Our company specialises in the machining of highly complex, technically demanding parts, where both quality and precision are imperative.

We can manufacture any kind of pieces and even manufacture and assemble complete sets.

We also work with prototypes and single, short, medium or long batches. We work upon request and according to the drawings and specifications of every client. Thanks to a widely proven experience in this sector, we can also provide the best possible solution for each case.

We work with all kinds of materials: structural steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, bronze, brass, and all kinds of technical plastics.

We offer a wide range of machined pieces and our production capacity enables us to deliver each item totally finished. We manage raw materials, thermal treatments, grinding and endless different surface treatments. To do so, we work alongside approved certified suppliers with whom we enjoy a close collaboration.

We work with cutting edge control equipment for all our pieces, which undergo a strict quality control protocol before delivery.